Strzok Unmanned Helicopter Ratlines To Iran Will Be Exposed By Lisa Page

Since 2009, a weapons ratline has been running from US major ports on the East Coast to supply ISIS and Hezbollah terror organizations.   A group of to top insiders at FBI Counter Intelligence with the possible involvement of Joint Inter Agency Task Forces for East, National Capitol Region, and South have used stealth to hide weapons in stolen cars, diplomatic containers, and unmanned helicopters to finish the deliveries to the key weapons broker – Iran.  Politico exposed Operation Cassandra to the world in December of 2017 about a drugs for weapons networks that totaled $200M in trade for just the ports in Virginia.

Over the next few days, the delivery end of the weapons ratline to Iran will be told here, with the key involvement of Former FBI Director Andrew McCabe, FBI Counter Intelligence Chief Peter Strzok, and the Awan Spy Ring in Congress to administrate the weapons trade.  For the first installment, here is Peter Strzok involvement with unmanned helicopters in a Joint Special Operations Command Task Force known as Task Force Orange.  The US domestic version of this Task Force Orange are known as Joint Inter Agency Task Forces.

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