How Task Force Orange Moved Weapons To Iraq in 2003 For An Insurgent Army

In this video, you hear Peter Strzok Sr. himself describe how military flights are used with humanitarian cover with 20 foot and 40 foot containers.  Unfortunately, unscrupulous forces have gotten into the business of supplying humanitarian aid as well, bilking the government for two to four times the actual amount provided through half weight and quarter weight drugs.  The other unfortunate cargo returning to Minnesota and more specifically St. John’s University in Collegesville, Minnesota, are the human refugees, like our friend Halima, who are then exploited as poster children for the nefarious providers of inferior supplies.

One response to “How Task Force Orange Moved Weapons To Iraq in 2003 For An Insurgent Army”

  1. julia zeiler Avatar

    Hey george, the link doesn’t take me to your video. It takes me to my own youtube videos at yt studio.


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