Task Force Orange – Secret FBI To CIA Link

During the two years of this series, I have spoken frequently about a clandestine project between the CIA and FBI know as Presidential Decision Directive 62, a secret order signed by President Clinton in May of 1998.  I have created a playlist for those who would like to see more background here.

Recently, I have done several videos connecting an ex-CIA officer name Duane Clarridge that created a private spy organization in Pakistan, and he was being paid by General Stanley McChrystal and General Michael Flynn for this information.  Since the Awan brothers of our Spy Ring in Congress were sending hundreds of payments from Congressional servers to para-military officers in the Punjab police in Pakistan, I speculated that these payments might be for information for this Punjabi para-military spy organization or Pakistan ISI or both. Also, since the Awan brothers were sending terabytes of information to Pakistan, I speculated a change in how the US Generals paid for this information in May of 2011 might have been the reason why Imran Awan created New Dawn Corporation 2001 in May of 2011.  Osama Bin Laden had also just been killed in May of 2011, so the change in which vendor was supplying information may have been related to the first vendor having helped the US Generals to achieve their objective. Here is a good summary of those episodes.


7 responses to “Task Force Orange – Secret FBI To CIA Link”

  1. Walter Kurtz Avatar
    Walter Kurtz

    Hey George, I really do like the new site. The explanations help me get a better idea about what you’re trying to say. I usually listen to the videos several times and even then I can miss their meaning because I get distracted. I hope my contributions help from time to time. Have a good one and thanks for the wake up call.


  2. Kathryn A Sweeting. Aka kelly Avatar
    Kathryn A Sweeting. Aka kelly

    George found the link between Catholic Charities and the White House goes all the way back to Reagan administration when George Bush was really pulling all the strings. George Bush Clinton Ford and the other bush hog graduated from Yale guess who was head of Catholic Charities a fellow student from Yale who lobbied to get the government to finance 60% of the charities here’s a snippet of an article. Catholic Charities received nearly a quarter of its funding from government more than 60 percent by the mid-eighties, where it has remained ever since. As they became government contractors, the agencies began to serve more non-Catholics.

    Under its pugnacious current president, Jesuit Fred Kammer, a lawyer (who attended Yale Law with Bill Clinton) and author of Doing Faithjustice, a widely used textbook that gives a leftist twist to Catholic social thought, the organization has expanded and professionalized its advocacy work. The 40-member central headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, assembles a legislative agenda, lobbies Congress and the White House, and, through weekly “Advofaxes,” alerts member agencies and subscribers to impending federal and state legislation on social policy. But as Marvin Olasky, author of The Tragedy of American Compassion, an influential book on charity, remarks, “This isn’t charity at all. When you take away dollars that you could spend helping people and spend them on lobbying, you’re robbing the poor to give to the lobbyist.”

    GUESS who is written in the monsignor’s papers Saul Alinsky regarding and participating with Catholic Charities


  3. Kathryn A Sweeting. Aka kelly Avatar
    Kathryn A Sweeting. Aka kelly

    Today you referenced a comic book. Yesterday I sent you a link to look closely at Sandra Charles. Isn’t it interesting that the comic book characters name is Sergeant Clark? S.C., A female. Could it be Sandra Charles? Coincidence?!


    1. Spy Ring In Congress Avatar

      I need to look this up. Thank you


  4. Kathryn A Sweeting. Aka kelly Avatar
    Kathryn A Sweeting. Aka kelly

    Geo, found gold going back to the 60s. But I have to email it cuz it’s a file attachment


  5. Kathryn A Sweeting. Aka kelly Avatar
    Kathryn A Sweeting. Aka kelly

    Here is Peter Jrs Travels. He also had alias while in Massachusetts see link


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