As a YouTube Crowd Source Journalist, I have created more than 3,000 on site videos all over the country over the last two years focusing on the US government intelligence agencies’ abuse of surveillance powers.  In my first year, I focused primarily on Pay To Play corruption in New York, Chicago, and Montreal, and in the past year I have focused primarily on the source of corruption itself in Washington, DC.  I hope you will explore some of the videos that summarize each month of this historic, crowd sourced investigation, and you might even want to consider being a contributor to the series.  All you need to know is how to use Google.

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  1. Holly Goodman Avatar
    Holly Goodman

    Hey, GW! I’ve been following you since, like, day 20, when you had a ‘fro on your proof of life videos! 😂😎Just a note to let you know I’m here supporting your new website. I know how to use Google. Just tell me what to search for and I’ll be glad to contribute a good chunk of time to your efforts. I just don’t know how to research people, other than the obvious. But I can do internet searches for you all day long. You’ve got my email! Sincerely, Tessanna12


  2. TTAS-ARA 007 Avatar
    TTAS-ARA 007

    Having viewed the majority of your You Tube videos over the past almost two years I am happy to see that you have launched your new website today entitled Congratulations, George.

    In 2011 I started my own website here on wordpress called “The Truth About Serbia: A Revolutionary Act.” The reason I am mentioning it is because I consider the work you are doing sort of an extension of the work I did over an extended period of time in researching what happened in the dismembering of the former Yugoslavia and the eventual occupation of Kosovo, one of the two Provinces of Serbia and the Seat of Orthodox Christianity. Needless to say, the modus operandi of the Deep State and their collaborators in Five Eyes and beyond has been the same in Ukraine and many other sovereign countries in the Middle East since the dismemberment of Yugoslavia over a period of a decade or more starting with the secession of Yugoslavia’s Republic of Slovenia.

    What was shocking to me about your crowd-sourced extensive research was discovering that there was, indeed, a spy ring in Congress that was potentially spying on our elected officials and sending terabytes to Pakistan, and that this spy ring was potentially State run. The enormity of the ramifications of this spy ring has cost, in my estimation, the United States of America and the American people, dearly in potentially lives lost and in secrets obtained by Pakistan and potentially distributed to other countries in the Middle East and elsewhere.

    All your previous and on-going crowd-sourced research has brought us to this point in time where we are now discussing the possibility that Peter Strzok, as evidenced in his emails, and his collaborators in Five Eyes and elsewhere, potentially put things in motion to orchestrate a soft coup against the sitting President of the United States of America, President Trump. Just recently you revealed the potential connections between Peter Strzok and the Clinton administration in 1993, and now more recently the possible connections between Peter Strzok and Rome, and the Strzoks and the McDonoughs and the Knights of Malta, which was shocking to say the least. Shocking because an Attache in Rome was dispatched to London to interview Christopher Steele who is said to have compiled the Dossier which was used to get a FISA warrant to surveil people in the Trump campaign and Trump himself.

    Good luck in your new endeavor to do what the mainstream media is not doing, and that is putting all the pieces of the puzzle together in an easily understandable holistic approach through your vast personal experience and source networking.

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  3. Michele R Dehn Avatar
    Michele R Dehn

    This is great!


  4. Phil Hughes Avatar

    George, I am really glad you are doing this. I have watched virtually all of your videos since the (new) beginning — I am thinking something like day 65. I have learned so much and pointed so many people to videos, lost a few friends who “know” Hillary was better than Trump, …
    Keep up the good work.


  5. Terri Voeller Avatar
    Terri Voeller

    I Love this. You tube has been censoring. Always good to have backup. Thank you!


  6. Francewhoa Avatar

    Thanks Georges for creating this website and all your Crowd Source Journalist videos. About courageously reporting on people with corrupt behaviors 🙂 I look forward to watching and reading about your next findings.


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